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Monday, 3 September 2007

Flashback : no3 "Overlord"

The images below are the property and copyright of both Triumph Studios and Codemasters

Two textures created for Overlord meshes (mesh created by another Streamline Artist)

Quite possibly my favourite project to work on so far. It wasn't that technical, had a simple engine and it was all about painting skills. The textures were usually about 60-70% handpainted and only 30-40% photo work.


Simon said...

Very nice painted textures. Because i post here the first time, some general words:

I like your blog a lot, i found it via cgtalk and i like your "3daily" short tip style.

Sometimes i wish a bit more information. For example the last post: how did you start the texture? What elements are you painting in (whichs colors, types of dirt, scratches, shadows, light, ...) - because sometimes i have the problem, that i just have no idea what i should paint into my textures except a bit color + dirt.

gogo! :D

caponeart said...

Thanks for the crits, it's stuff like this that can help improve my blog.

In the near future I will go over the wall texture and show how I built up the diffuse. The various layers I add etc.