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Sunday, 16 September 2007

Education : no 14 'Extra detail in spec maps'

1) Don't just turn the diffuse into a spec map and be done with it. In many cases adding an extra spec grunge/dirt map like this within your spec map only can really create much more interesting and realistic textures.

2) On the left is a simple diffuse to spec conversion but even with the edges, add 'unique to spec only' brightness to it as seen on the right.


Simon said...

Cool tip. Details about that are able to find in the Quake4SDK (id Dev Net). Maybe you could give a example on a 3D model :D

Rick said...

ALWAYS add at least a layer of noise -takes seconds to do.

I often use an AO bake, or the blue channel from my normal map as a mutliply - this stops the crevices being as shiny as the rest.

caponeart said...

Simon, its tricky because just about everything I work on is NDA. Hopefully in the future I will have a side project where I can demonstrate tips on. Maybe with this character I'm doing for cgtalk comp at the moment.

Rick, I've never actually tried that. Usually any 'noise' tricks can come across as a bit amateur but I'll check it out.

Yep, I always like to have an AO bake which I blend into both my diffuse and spec. Maybe thats something I can go over later.