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Thursday, 30 August 2007

Flashback : no2 'Gears of War texture Part 1'
The images below are the property and copyright of Epic.
Here is the first texture I made for this project. Looking back at it I believe it works well overall but when you actually look at the texture sheet it really comes across as quite amateur, i've certainly improved alot since then.

OK so for this part we're looking at area 1. I made this area look nice and worn but in a very general approach. This mainly consisted of splashing some colour around and sticking some very soft photo overlays. However what I'd do if I were to do this again would be to go in there and draw in extra details by using the photo overlay as a template. By brushing in edge highlights and inner shadows for the worn areas you can really help to pop out the details. Quick example below.


ronm said...

Hoi. Wilde ff zeggen dat ik het echt cool vind dat je dit doet.
Dit zijn precies die kleine dingetjes die het zoveel meer beter maken Thanks keep het up

Ken said...

Maybe I'm jumping ahead here but how did you make the normal maps for these items? Can't imagine creating high res version of crates and boxes. I take it you used the Nvidia tool?

By the way, great website!

caponeart said...

Sorry ronm, don't understand german (or is it dutch!?)

Ken,normal map came from the modeller doing a high res version and baking the info into a layer. Then for more micro details I used the Nvidia filter (like the texture of the straps, subtle dents in the metal etc