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Monday, 20 August 2007

Education : no9 'creating edgework in under a minute'

This handy trick from 'mr kite' on cgchat shows how to create simple edges. It involves making a 'cavity' layer that you eventually set to 'soft light' blending m
ode over your diffuse. It creates simple clean edgework everywhere based on your normal map. Obviously you shouldn't leave your edgework like this in most cases it will look too clean but it's a great place to start.

Additionally, you may want to clean it up by picking out the dark colours and using the replace colour tool to make them 50% grey like most of the map. Remember, you only want the highlight info here.


Marque said...

A bit unclear about this tip. You mean lifting the R+G channels from the normal map, or what?

caponeart said...

Yep, exactly that. Here is the source of the tip, maybe he explains it better,