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Friday, 3 August 2007

Flashback : no1 'My first ever texture map'

Managed to track down my first ever texture! Simply a horrible brown base with some noise (done with a filter I may add) and a photo of a rock surface, blending mode set to overlay. So boring, no focus points at all. Dull colours. How would I fix this now? Its not actually bad for a 'background' layer. I would lower the opacity by around 70-80% and start to paint on top of that. Adding subtle colour, focus points, occlusion etc.

I never even got round to using this as it was so bad.

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Marque said...

LoL. It screams Photoshop filters! This is a classic. Probably about the only texture all artists for sure has made. That one, and then grass made with the noise filter. Oh the memories...