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Sunday, 12 August 2007

Random no1 : 'Real world texture design'

This is one building I pass everyday on my way to work. It's become quite an icon to those at my work who also pass it. It is known as the 'badly textured building' or the 'building with obvious mirroring'.

I remember having to texture a shop interior in Saints Row, due to texture and time budgets we were forced to repeat 3 poster designs to fill the 6 poster meshes in the shop
. At the time I was thinking the idea that they would have 2 of the exact same posters in the same shop would be unrealistic not to mention boring. Here however are examples showing it really does happen and whats more is that they are even placed right next to each other, just in case anyone misses the one on the left.

Then there is this wall design in our train station. The pattern is very random. For example it is odd how the blue line doesn't just carry on till the edge. Also the random widths
in between the red lines.

I find it interesting how all game worlds are made by artistic people yet the real world does have areas designed and put together by people with no eye for design at all. I'm sure if I created any of the above I would get
criticisms such as 'Obvious mirroring, too repetitive, inconsistent design etc'. Even really torn up dumps in game
s are beautifully designed. If you have a bag of chips/crisps spilling onto the floor you can be sure their layout and composition has been thought out.


cubedude89 said...

you are sooo right!

I find myself also looking at stuff in real life and saying to myself... If I put that into a game people would complain!

Great blog dude!! im really enjoying it. I added your hotmail account on MSN. hopefully you use msn :)

Oneida said...

Keep up the good work.