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Monday, 14 January 2008

Random : no5 'Update'

Back again. I'll be doing another round of updates over the next few weeks so if anyone has any questions or ideas of what to cover then drop me an email or add a comment. Thanks.

Since last time Unreal 3 has been released and so hope to update my website soon. The only other game that we can really talk about it a sort of MMO low spec affair on the PC. This set of screenshots show the texturepass for village buildings that myself and another worked on. For more information of the project you can go to


Inversed-One said...

Huh, I was scared that this blog is already dead. I'd like to tell you that you have one of the best blogs out there in my opinion, i check it everyday if you post something new.

I allways liked your theoretical studies of texturing and I also learned a lot from Photoshop tips (I'm using heal tool regularly now and its awesome!).

Keep up with good work.

Bertmac A.k.a Ron said...

yeah i am still here to, there's some nice info here
en nu blijkt het dat je ook nog in nl werkt. echt cool