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Friday, 16 October 2009

Unearthly2009 : 'concept/blockout'

Working solo on this to give me something to do while inbetween jobs. The brief is to concept, model and texture a game environment that suits the word 'endgame'. So a setting of great setting for the entrance or part of a final level before encountering the 'main boss' etc. The area could result in the entire world being saved or doomed etc.

I picked a keyword/theme to base my concept around and this was 'leap of faith' where the hero has to run and jump into a hologram and a higher power will judge if they are to be transported to the 'end'. Seems a bit like a tacky B movie idea but it should be fun and the environment has a nice combination of modern design fused with natural ancient elements since this 'lab' was built over an powerful ancient ruin.

So far done a basic concept and used that loosely to make a blockout.

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