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Sunday, 25 May 2008

Education : no29 'Concrete Edgework'

Quick example here. On the left I've done edgework that almost contains the same tones and size. Edgework in generally should never be this perfect unless it's something very hard and new. On the right is an better example of how to go about doing it where there are shifts in tone and size on an edge that is clearly more broken/old looking.


Anonymous said...

How do you do your edgework ?
With burn and dodge or back-white with screen/multiply ?

Red Fox said...

Hey man!
Very cool artworks.

Have you character textures or tips about it to post?

It would be great!

caponeart said...

How I do my edgework? Should do a little post on that but for now...

if in a rush I will use a suitable colour and brush it in then try various blends. Overlay usually works well.

if I have the time and it makes sense I'll load in a suitable mask texture (so for wood I'd used rough wood as a mask texture)and then mask it in with a white brush.

As for characters it's not something I do at work so don't have too much experience with it. If I do my own character in my own time I'll do a step by step tutorial type thing on it.

Anonymous said...

Ok thx for the reply